1. Brioche french toast with creme anglais and raspberry sauce.


  2. Post wedding brunch. I think I’m looking sophisticated with a hint of slutty. Also this pear almond smoothie is awesome.


  3. French toast money shot


  4. Saturday brunch. Boozy french toast bake, Bacon mushroom quiche, and braided lemon bread. A fairly easy brunch spread with minimal effort the day of and only a little work the night before.


  5. Just a casual brunch.


  6. Just when you thought brunch couldn’t get any gayer.


  7. Easter brunch of eggs Benedict with peameal bacon and fried mushrooms. 


  8. Brunch from today. Sausage and mushroom scramble. It tasted way better than it looks.


  9. French Toast made form anadama bread. Breakfast of champions.


  10. latkes


  11. Brunch on Sunday morning.


  12. Boozy Baked french toast. Especially tasty when made by your boyfriend.