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    Dustin & Gustav

    You GUYS, dog’s are like, sooooo fashion. We’re all getting one for S/S right?

    Ahem…when choosing your dog, Dustony Recommends one in a neutral color because it offers more versatility when coordinating your outfits. If possible opt for a slimmer breed. Who needs something bulky bogging you down in the warm weather anyway? If you want to be bold, choose a dog with a fun pattern like contrast spots or a vibrant hombre. Even if your outfit sucks, your dog will be sure to get you lots of likes compliments and boost your overall style. Bonus points if you outfit your dog in double monkstraps and a double breasted blazer. (#MENSWEAR #MENSWEAR #MENSWEAR)

    The little guy in this post (god, so open for jokes) is Gustav, our good friend Suzie’s dog who we were dogsitting for the weekend. He’s a super cute French bulldog and something else mix. He’s pretty chill in front of the camera, so it’s no surprise his photos came out great. Miss you already Gustav! (because this dog can read).

    Jacket - Uniqlo

    Shirt - Pennystock

    T-shirt - American Apparel (Similar)

    Belt - H&M (Similar)

    Pants - Levi’s

    Shoes - Nordstrom 1901

    Location - Wayne & Jersey, Jersey City, NJ


    (Source: closetfreaksblog)

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