1. I thought about this for some reason last week but I couldn’t remember the name or anything specific enough to remember what it was. Then tonight the fact that there was a chicken in the video came to me. I was able to figure it out from there. Anyway I remember this as being one of the first songs from when dancier music was coming back into vogue in the mid/late Aughts.


  2. 6 Selfies. I tried to find some of the ones I haven’t posted yet and probably was never going to. So enjoy some photos from the archives. And six other people to make this silly thing go on because who doesn’t like looking at pictures of cute boys? pressuregradient, someothermiles, thelittlestotter, camcron, jockocub, and masomutt


  3. Anonymous said: Kill yourself fag


  4. That is class right there. No, nay, that is swag.

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  6. My Gender is Aspirational Luxury

  7. masc4cruller's new mohawk


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  10. Some gentle flogging


  11. pup stuff


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  13. Rubber and suits go well together.