1. You’ve changed



  3. Queen Street



  5. Wink


  6. Off Ossington


  7. masc4cruller looking cute


  8. An almost empty street car ride


  9. Worst Milkshakes


  10. Pond Textures


  11. Bro, you bro so hard, I canโ€™t even.
    *Hands you a pumpkin spice latte*

  12. shadedepot said: do you exercise/work out?

    Bro, did you just ask me if even lift? Because bro, let me tell you something about lifting bro. Bro, bro, bro I am in the gym all the time. Have you seen these gunz bro? *flexes*. Bro.


  13. Anonymous said: If not a pornstar, what would you call yourself based on the photos you post?

    Pornstar isn’t really something you should be calling yourself. If it is a label you ascribe to it should come from someone else. Like being critically acclaimed. Taking dirty photos doesn’t make you a pornstar. I’m not even sure what I do would be considered porn to most people. When is the last time you watched a porn where almost no one got naked or took off their pants? You should also probably tell me what it was so I can watch it I guess I do something porn adjacent. Maybe? I’m not really sure. I’m just a guy with a camera who likes to take pictures of people in gear.


  14. Anonymous said: wow also post/67483224191๐Ÿ˜

    That photo was taken Moore Park Ravine. It is the bridge that connects Heath St over the ravine.


  15. Anonymous said: where was the tagged/canoe photo taken?!

    It was taken somewhere on the Toronto Waterfront. I think near the Reese Wavedeck. I’m not entirely sure though.