1. Gif parade continues. This time with colours.


  2. Reflection drawing app gif. Made entirely with projections and magic.


  3. I made a gif from a drawing program I made. This is just a proof of concept example. More to come shortly.


  4. Anonymous asked: Living in Quebec, I can assure you that smoking ain't popular here. Pretty much like the other provinces... haha

    DON’T YOU DARE RUIN QUEBEC STEREOTYPES. I know. I lived in Quebec for 4 years. it is a wonderful place. It is literally too cool for school. Well, at least paying reasonable prices for it. Shoulder nudge, eh eh eh.


  5. punkcub asked: is canadian cock fundamentally different from, say, french cock?

    It is very different. it is more polite and slightly colder. it also smokes less unless it is Quebec cock, which is an entirely different thing. Both have a tendency to talk about how famous cocks are actually Canadian despite living in America.


  6. Anonymous asked: all these thirsty gays asking you stupid questions makes me want to barf because all they want is your hairy ass and your canadian cock, BUT I DO TOO, so i guess i shouldn't judge. xoxoxo.

    Did my followers just get anon hate? Also I like their “stupid” questions. I think a lot of them are interesting. It takes time and effort to come up with questions and a little bit of guts to talk to a stranger online. If people just wanted my hairy ass and cock they’d just send requests for dick pics. Oddly no one has done that. So stop projecting your shitty attitude onto other people.



  7. itsaruse asked: How do you meet gays if you don't go to gay bars?

    Recon mostly. I trick them into thinking I’m interested in sex and then just talk to them about boardgames and then play boardgames with them. Sometimes we do have sex…mostly just boardgames.


  8. infraggable asked: How is your selfie game so strong? Is there a way that I can imbue myself with your selfie powers? Does it involve Tim Hortons?

    A nice camera? A good beard? Let someone else take them for you? I’m not sure. It certainly isn’t Tim Horton’s that stuff is garbage unless you are on a road trip in which case it is wonderful. Not actually wonderful just road trip wonderful.


  9. itsaruse asked: What is your junk food guilty pleasure?

    Miss Vickie’s Chips. Probably black pepper and lime flavour. Or maybe salt and vinegar.


  10. mikerickson asked: YO HOW MUCH DO YOU BENCH, BRO? Also, how often do you go out for food in a given week as opposed to cooking at home?

    I DON”T EVEN KNOW BRO! I actually haven’t used a bench press in about 15 years. I’ll never be gaybros (gaybros). I probably go out for food a little less than once a week. It is usually take out. We plan our meals for the week and then do weekly grocery shopping so unless we plan for a meal out or get invited out by a friend it doesn’t happen.


  11. pressuregradient asked: Owing to the spirit of PMQs, I should insult your policies while the majority party jeers lustily. Instead, I'll ask you tell us about a book you could read over and over again. And tell us about a book you didn't like, and why.

    Lust is rarely an emotion seen on Parliament Hill. Just look at Stephen Harper. He is the opposite of sexy.

    I have actually read Harry Potter a couple times, so I could see myself reading those again. I like the whimsy of it. I want to read Paris 1919 again which is about the Treaty of Versailles and is amazing. So i could see myself doing that again as well.

    Books I didn’t like usually fall into categories of books I can’t finish: for example anything by Jane Austin. Literally the worst. I’ve never not cared so fast in my life. Or books that are by Joseph Conrad. He gets his own category. Get to the point old man. I’m going to die before you make your elaborately boring point.


  12. Anonymous asked: Have you ever been to a drag show? Do you feel it could be compatible with leather in any way or do you feel they're opposite ends of the gay interest spectrum?

    I haven’t been to a drag show. I’ve actually only been to two gay bars and both of those visits were last year. I’m pretty bad at being gay.

    I think leather and drag are pretty much the same thing. It is just a different kind of impersonating. The pageant portion of IML is just drag race in a different form. It is all about taking on a personae and costumes.


  13. scoticus asked: also what is object oriented design and how does it differ from normal design which presumably also involved objects

    Object Oriented Design is a paradigm of programming language. I would have just called it a style but I was informed paradigm is the word. *Eye roll* settle down nerds.

    So Java is something that is OO, while C is not. I’m not really an expert in this kind of stuff at all but I’m going to give a stab at it. So it is a way of structuring data and functions and such things. So in Java you have something called a class which contains variables and methods (functions) while C doesn’t have that kind of structure itinerant in the language. So it is more about organization than anything else. As far as i understand it.


  14. a-multitude asked: Any celebrity crushes? Which celebrity would you like to see sporting a moustache? And do you have a pet name for masc4cruller's moustache? And if not, why not?

    I am terrible at celebrities. I always forget who they are. I only know who they are when people tell me like three other things they’ve been in. So this will be stilted towards who I can even remember. I keep seeing Michael B Jordan and that is a good thing. I also want to say Bradley Cooper but only half the time. So either of those two.

    I do not have a nickname for his moustache. I used to just call it teen stache but it has kind of grown out of that.


  15. itsaruse asked: If you were to shave your chest hair into a pattern what would it be?

    Probably like a portrait of my mom. You know, gotta respect your mom.